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Graphic & Web Design

From our Sunshine Coast base Limehouse now provide a comprehensive design service to compliment our traditional specialty – printing. Not only can we deliver you a printed project from initial conceptualisation, through the design and printing process, we also can supply all web and online services.

In today’s society promotion and communication have evolved from traditional mediums to digital and online marketing so as the Sunshiine Coast’s longest established printer, Limehouse is now providing the full package.

Discussing Design

Client communication is essential to achieve design results that meet expectation. We are happy to discuss your project in person on the Sunshine Coast or through online avenues such as Skype or email. When our clients have ideas we make them happen!

Often the design process can be daunting with decisions needing to be made, or even just getting started. At Limehouse we aim to make the process from beginning to end as easy as possible.

With Limehouse your project will continue to progress with designers communicating with the print team and management over seeing the entire process.

Communication with the client is also part of this process. Contact us today to discuss your design needs.

Logo Design

First impressions make the difference in today’s highly visual consumer market. With so many options available to the modern consumer making your mark instantly has never been more important. Logo design is where this begins.

If you are still at the conceptual drawing board establishing your professional image or wanting to do a refresh to your branding, talk to us today. We can meet with you at our Sunshine Coast base or set up online discussions to work through your needs.

The first step is always the hardest but at Limehouse we make the first step as easy as possible, and then keep you moving through to the finished product whether that be off the printing press or a digital launch.


Branding & Design

Limehouse understand the importance of your brand. Whether you are relying on us to develop your visual identity from scratch or bringing an existing branding structure to us, we know strength and continuity are integral to your professional image.

Our knowledge, experience and tools of the trade provide us with the ability to seamlessly adapt an exisiting branding structure into your new material, with colour matching, typography recognition and all the latest design programs on hand.

It is essential to make your story flow to your clientele and correct use of branding is where this begins.



We achieve results for our clients through communication.

Talk to us today.

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