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Printing Means Business

All printers have a niche in the market dependant on the exact equipment they have access to and experience they develop using it. For people in business, when purchasing print the battle is to identify that niche in the same way your initiative has you found you your niche in the market place.

Sales and production knowledge, machine size / speed, pre press size /speed (the list goes on) all play a major role in the efficiency of a print company. It is definitely in your best interest to find out these variables so you can purchase print effectively

Talking Print

Limehouse understand the last thing any client wants is to be spoken to in terminology they don’t understand or makes them feel uncomfortable.

We will discuss your needs and expectations to ensure your finished print delivers exactly what you want. We advise our customers on what our experience dictates will achieve results, and deliver them.

Talk to us today on what you are aiming to achieve through printed promotion, and we will help make the process seem more easily achievable.

“Nick and his team have always delivered on time and on budget.

Nothing is too much trouble for them and they really know their stuff.”

Our Services

Limehouse service all genres of print promotion and industry. Whether wanting to establish corporate identity, promote products or just tell your story; we will communicate your needs.

We understand the importance of branding in today’s highly competitive market place and will represent your image with a level of quality and consistency which satisfies clients and their consumers continuously.


Printing For You

Your job is our focus. For us, when your print job is in our hands, we do all we can to deliver the product you need in the time frame you need it. From the initial job brief to the final trim, we analyse the job, understand the final concept and deliver on time, every time.

Being involved in the fourth biggest industry in Australia and third in the world means a lot of competition and very high demands by the customer. You won’t be disappointed.

“What a pleasure to deal with Limehouse Printers.”

Transporting Print

As our reputation has grown so has the scope of our clientele. Having originated on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland we now enjoy relationships with clients from as far as Cairns in North Queensland right down the Eastern seaboard to regions between Melbourne and Adelaide.

We take great care in our packaging and logistics to ensure our product arrives on time in quality condition, maintaining our standards of quality control.



We achieve results for our clients through communication.

Talk to us today.

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