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Impress with Print

A positive and impressive presence is essential in todays competitive market.

Whether at an exclusive corporate level or in a consumer based retail and service industry, your presentation is what makes an initial impression on clients and customers.

We understand when printing a representation of  your identity, quality means a good impression first time every time.

We have the answers whether they be about identity, selling or just being heard.

At Limehouse we promote and communicate through print.

Your Print Needs

Professional quality printing can be the first step in telling your clients or customers your story.

Form corporate identities through to small business stationery or promotional packages, we can not only supply but also advise what is an exceptional standard for your industry.

We have extensive experience supplying print to nearly every industry and organisation imaginable.

So communicate with us about your goals and we can provide direction and options for your strategy and budget.

Graphic & Web Design

From our Sunshine Coast base Limehouse now provide a comprehensive design service to compliment our traditional specialty – printing. Not only can we deliver you a printed project from initial conceptualisation, through the design and printing process, we also can supply all web and online services.

In today’s society promotion and communication has evolved from traditional mediums to digital and online marketing so as the Sunshiine Coast’s longest established printer, Limehouse is now providing the full package.

“We have extensive experience supplying nearly every industry and organisation imaginable.

So communicate with us about your goals and we can provide direction and options for your strategy and budget.”

Endless Promotional Options

Limehouse have endless avenues of promotion and communication both printed and digital.

Whatever your sales or marketing strategy is, or whatever message you are aiming to get across we can do it for you and most likely have done something similar in your industry or similar entity before.

We are always happy to show previous projects we have worked on to demonstrate your options, or example the finished product you can expect.

Our clients value our communicative process and the results we achieve for them, so contact us for solutions today!

Business Cards

Business Cards are often a new business entities first printed communication and a potential clients first impression. Modern business cards now offer a multitude of options so you can stand out in your chosen field. We offer a multitude of options with gloss and matte cello, foils and embosses, rounded corners or custom styles, and various stock options. Make sure you stand out and make an impression.

Letterheads, With Comps & Envelopes

Your business maintains its identity through consistent branding, and this definitely applies to your entities stationery. Letterheads, With Comps and Envelopes can all be complimented further with corporate branding on notepads, quoting materials and just about anything that can be printed. Talk to us today about increasing your brand presence.

Flyers, Brochures & DLs

Printed marketing in the form of Flyers, Brochures and DLs need to be done right to make distribution economical and effective. We have experience printing for all forms of distribution meaning your marketing will be seen. Being seen is essential once money is spent on printing and the time gone into constructing your message – you can rely on us to make it all come together.

Magazines & Catalogues

Quality print is what makes the design of any publication a successful read. Your customers and clients will identify your product or services with how you present yourself at all levels, especially printed promotion. We understand the quality your audience will expect from your industry or genre so talk to us today about making the most of promotional budget.

Presentation Folders

Corporate communication and brand representation is uniformly packaged in presentation folders. When you have something serious to present do it in style with your brand surrounding your message in prestigious gloss or matte cello folders. With or without business card holders we have several templates meaning we have the option to suit your story.

Bound Books

Limehouse have been specialising in bound book printing on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. Our history in producing quality publications has given us experience in all facets of book production from classic literature and photographic chronicles, through to year books and annuals for various schools and organisations. Talk to us today about your project, budget and results you expect.

Stickers & Labels

Limehouse produce a wide range of stickers and labels from basic branding and commercial applications, through to custom made labelling for various industrial and communicative purposes. The huge growth experienced in ecommerce has seen a new need for effective labelling, not only for distribution and transport but also brand awareness on packaging. Talk to us about the options available.

Print to Digital

Today’s modern marketplace requires linking promotion on all platforms, especially print to digital. Limehouse can offer a package that compliments your identity through quality print and digital means, tying your brand representation together in one continuous package. Talk to us about what you want to achieve and listen to our suggestions on how to link print to digital for results.


We achieve results for our clients through communication.

Talk to us today.

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